YOUGO, an affordable high-tech rehabilitation.

Making rehabilitation with an exoskeleton open to all CVA victims: that is the smart and ambitious initiative that allowed the exoskeleton developers to win Sogeti High Tech Jury’s support.

Exoskeletons revolutionized walking rehabilitation, but using them remained too expensive to be widespread. Based on this observation, 5 medical and engineering students decided to develop a competitive but affordable model. This initiative implied reviewing all the technological processes of conception but also combining the expertise of all trades: engineering, anatomy and business skills in order to maintain lower costs.

A project that stands the test of reality

According to Hugo Carlotti, a AgroParisTech recent graduate and co-founder of the project, Coup2boost was the perfect competition for Yougo to face the expertise of professionals. “Coup2Boost allowed us to get invaluable feedbacks from industrials. We knew that there was a real interest in the university community but we needed a crash test to better see what was missing in the production phase.” Besides, the founders decided to create Yougo when they discovered that Sogeti High Tech was part of Coup2boost partners. “Our initiative fits perfectly in their core business. We were really interested in their expertise » Hugo Carlotti explained.

Building a sustainable partnership

These dialogues were so successful that they were then able to rely on the evaluation of a first functional prototype. The project is now one of the most advanced ones for the current year and should grow even faster thanks to Coup2Boost. Sogeti High Tech will keep supporting the young team by sharing its expertise in parts production, programming, project management and business development. “This partnership with Sogeti High Tech fosters our credibility, and brings a more realistic vision and more and more visibility for the future. This is an invaluable opportunity that makes us grow faster on every aspects” Hugo Carlotti welcomes.