La Cagnotte des Champs

« La cagnotte des Champs » supports sustainable development

Ranked in the 3rd position by Coca-Cola, « La Cagnotte des Champs » offers a participative funding for sustainable agricultural projects. Clément Campos, graduated from AgroParisTech and HEC Entrepreneurs, will tell us more about that initiative.

Financing a bakery that offers organic and gluten-free bread or financing a yogurt maker that fosters short cycles or helping re-establish the Palmiped industry after H5N8 virus, is a short list of possible causes the “Cagnotte des Champs” can finance. All customers can invest in agricultural initiatives from one’s region and buy again qualitative local food in one’s supermarket. Customers can choose to add €1 to their grocery basket, or to give a part of their loyalty card balance. “We want to support farmers engaged in sustainable ways of producing and finance their initiatives but we also want to favor advertisement and new opportunities.” Clément Campos explained, co-founder of the project. In return, customers receive newsletters that informs them about the products. They also can win a visit of a farm.

Engaging all stakeholders

«First, our mission is to source agricultural initiatives. For that matter, farmers have to sign a Charter of values based on environmental sustainability. Second, we develop partnerships with companies from mass distribution, which is a very long process, Clément says. Leclerc and Intermarché already trust us. Even if we did not convince the leaders of the headquarters, we now have to win independent shops support.» Engaging the cashiers is another complexity. Our association will soon use an indexed system mean of payment that will automatically offer to customers to support the project when they make credit or debit card transactions in stores. In this way, we aim to significantly boost the participation rate.


Towards large-scale initiatives

«Until then, we have conducted large-scale initiatives with ten different shops. Coup2boost encouraged us, motivated us to go further and to take part in others competitions» , Clément says. We also have been rewarded this way by AgroParisTech, and then by La Fabrique Aviva, which supports social & environmental economic development. Moreover, we recently joined the Paris&Co incubator and got a BPI grant.” This financial support allowed the association to enhance its visibility for 6 months and to pay some salaries.
Next step?
Improving the website, recruiting, but mainly, building a national operation with our partners in order to collaborate with larger groups of shops. Today, the “Cagnotte de Champs” gathers more than 15 financed initiatives, 4,000 contributors and collected more than 60,000 euros.

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