ANDYAMO, accessible tourism for all!

Two IMT Atlantique students created a Web Platform that offers accessible routes to persons with disabilities and reduced mobility. Andyamo won the “Coup de Coeur” award granted by PwC. Florian Blanchet tells us more about the origin and the development of his project.

A need identified by a person with disabilities and reduced mobility

«My teammate’s friend, Sebastien, became disabled after an accident. At the very moment he told us about his problems of accessibility, in particular while traveling, we got the idea of accessible touristic routes came.» In order successfully achieve the project and make it economically viable, Andyamo co-founders approached restaurants, hotels et touristic locations included in their routes. These partners benefit from an extensive media exposure (people with disabilities and reduced mobility, seniors and families with young children). In return, the partners accept to offer commercial advantages and a commission to Andyamo.


COUP2BOOST: An effective spotlight on the initiative

«Taking part in the Coup2Boost competition brought us visibility. We got partnership offerings after the latter discovered the initiative on social media during the voting phase. A large ecosystem got interested in our idea.» Among all the partners we met, there was an electric bike operator, accessible for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility.

ANDYAMO and its new challenges

Andyamo is now established in 10 cities, essentially in the south of France. They will have to face two main challenges: Launching the offer in the north of France and the capital, and also succeeding its business model shift. Currently, the commission system is highly time-consuming and demanding. Therefore, the Andyamo team is now mainly offering services to conglomerations and local governments aiming to attract tourists with disabilities and reduced mobility. That strategic shift will be fostered by the PwC €2,500 grant.
« We will be able to recruit our first intern to negotiate that shift » Florian Blanchet forecasts.

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